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and here i am still dealing with the same shit. Never has there been… - It hurts to see,love,touch,think,care,dream,fall,believe in you [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
bLue AvOcaDo

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[Sep. 18th, 2009|08:02 pm]
bLue AvOcaDo
and here i am still dealing with the same shit. Never has there been a day that i dont think about being in this world. such bull shit that happens and such shit that affects me. Sometimes i honestly wish i was away... long gone from here... just in a place where i dont have to deal with anything or anyone.. i mean dont we all? I come to vent my stress and anger of this fucked up life... sometimes its better to not say anything at all but i have to. I need to. Im my own worse enemy and my own worse person. Ive been thru hell and back. Not knowing what direction im going i just follow what is out there.. Give me a reason to stay in this world give me a reason to keep on living... or simply give me a reason to care for myself. Ive feel an emptiness for a very long time... its time to make it better and move on. For that i think i need to go on a quest. I place where i know i will find myself where i will find my reason to continue... To find what we have all been placed in this world to do. To find ones self...

I use to love. But now im just numb.